Creative Ways of Using Your Moving Boxes

23Dec 2014

Unfortunately, house removals and office removals are not the easiest things to deal with. First of all, there is a lot of pressure and uncertainty that can generate anxiety and stress in the people handling the removals. Even more than that, removals tend to cost quite a lot if you take into consideration a realtor’s fee, the supplies you have to buy, all the running around you have to do and the fact that you will most likely want to hire a moving company (or at least a man and van London). On top of everything, moving house can be quite messy too. Aside from the fact that you will have to clean up the house you leave behind, you will also want to make sure that you clean up the mess in the new house as well – and this includes getting rid of your removal boxes too. If you have purchased your boxes from a removals service (or at least part of them), you might want to keep those in case you ever move house again – or you might want to lend them or sell them at a lower price. However, what should you do with all the other boxes – the one you picked up from supermarkets and friends and the ones you don’t necessarily feel the need to keep around the new home? We have picked up some really creative ideas on how to use your moving boxes so make sure to read on and find out more.•    If you have any wooden boxes, cover them in linens and fabrics and place something soft on their bottom, on the outer side of it. Turn them around and they can become comfy ottomans or chairs for those times when extra guests come in. •    Create Halloween costumes for you or for your children by using the cardboard boxes. With a bit of creativity, some coloured pencils and some glue, you can turn your little bundle of joy into a “transformer”, into a “robot” or into anything else you want. Your imagination is almost the only limit you have. •    Have fun with your kids and create a really cute playhouse for them out of your cardboard boxes. You can even make rooms and you can even place some comfy pillows for them to sit in while they are “at home”. •    Create a kitchen for your kids. Children like playing cooking and your little ones will be more than happy if they had “her own kitchen”. Encourage their creativity by creating an entire kitchen out of your cardboard boxes: a fridge, countertops and even an oven. Again, all it takes is a bit of creativity and your cardboard boxes will come to life. •    Create a train tunnel for your children. If your kids like trains more than dollhouses and kitchens, go ahead and use your imagination to create an awesome train (or car) tunnel your children can play with. This will keep them busy for weeks! •    Build a beautiful “treasure chest” for your kid’s room. If you want some extra storage space in your kid’s room and if you don’t want to waste more money with this, use your removal boxes to create a “pirate chest”. Your kid can store his/her toys there and this will also encourage him/her to clean up his/her room as well. •    A puppet theatre. This is a fun idea not just for the little ones, but for the adults as well. Create a fun puppet theatre out of your moving boxes and you’ll be able to entertain any party!

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